We Really Need a Revival Today!

Christianity was established in Singapore since the latter part of the 19th century, the first generation awakening and revival resulted in great industry and Christian witness in the marketplace. The church however became comfortable, contented and weaker by the next generation and another revival was needed.

We had one in 1935 when John Sung made his way into South East Asia. Another generation rose up, the church was on fire again!

By 1972, yet another revival was needed to raise up another generation – and the Lord gave us the ACS Clock Tower revival which spread to other schools too!

Now in 2022, 50 years after the 1972 revival, the church has become comfortable and contented again. We have grown bigger and richer but not necessarily stronger in faith, ministry and witness. We need the next revival – a 4th wave!

But the price to pay and pray for revival is a costly one. How many are willing to pay that price? Or as author and pastor Dr Terry Teykl once asked, “how many are prepared to PRAY the price?”

Godliness with contentment (in God) indeed is great gain, but compromised godliness with material contentment would be a great loss and there are indications that this is the case with many in the church today. We really need a revival for this generation!

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