About TWC

cropped-img_1098.jpgTWC (The Word Connects) is an online daily devotional, started since 31 August 2011, that presents a key biblical truth intended to be lived out each day so that your faith in Christ is not just all talk. Jesus said we should not worry about tomorrow, instead focus on life and living day by day (Mt.6:34). Let each day be a day of victory in Christ. Keep at it every day and before long, you would have had a victorious week, a victorious month and a victorious year!

(August 2021 Update: For a while now, TWC is written periodically and no longer written daily. Apologies.)

DISCLAIMER: These posts represent my personal views and thoughts.

Barnabas Chong

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jules says:

    Hey, I am always given food for thought by your blog so thank you. I have nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award. Enjoy!

    1. revbarnz says:

      Hi Jules, thank you for that, it’s very kind and encouraging of you. I didn’t know there is such an award. Thank you for inspiring others too!

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