Wow Luke 21 – Christ Methodist Church’s D’Well Bible reading plan passage today is focused on signs of the end times – not popular, many don’t want to think about it, teach or preach it because our ears only want to be tickled by pleasant and comforting messages. Avoidance and ignorance are certainly not bliss but foolishness. How can we escape the whole truth that is found in God’s Word?

A few key points to note and my own comments in parenthesis:

  1. See that you are not led astray (by false teachers, false prophets, materialism and entertainment, etc.) – v.8
  2. Do not be terrified when you hear of wars and tumults (and all other kinds of troubles and difficulties) – v.9
  3. When persecuted and arrested, it is our opportunity to witness for Christ (not to shrink back) – v.12-13
  4. You will be delivered to authorities even by loved ones! (this is going to be tough) – v.16
  5. We will be hated by all for Christ’s name sake (someone once said Christians should be the most well loved and respected people because of our good Christian testimony – this is not entirely true unless we compromise our message – the gospel message should always be communicated with as much grace, gentleness and sensitivity as possible, yet at the end of the day, it will offend because the gospel message ultimately requires conversion) – v.17
  6. BUT not a hair on our heads will perish because by our endurance we will gain our lives (we thank the Lord for the assurance that we don’t go through the trials and suffering alone, He is with us and will deliver us from evil) – v.18-19
  7. Stay awake at all times, pray for strength (we cannot afford to take it easy, merely enjoy life, entertain ourselves and not realise the urgency of reaching those who do not know with the gospel of Jesus Christ – it is our mission, our mandate, our Great Commission, and we have to pray like never before – unfortunately, prayer is one of the weakest link in most churches, that has to change!) – v.36
  8. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s words will not pass away!! (this is why we need to get into the Word, read, study, memorise, teach and live it) – v.33

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