Snorkeling vs Diving


“The key difference between these two activities is how deep you go into the water. Snorkelers savor the underwater geography while floating close to the surface, while scuba divers stay underwater longer. They can maneuver exploring coral reefs and marine life.” (

That also illustrates the difference between regular worship and deeper worship. In regular worship, we are content with expressing our praise, thanksgiving and love for the Lord. Tell Him how grateful we are that He loves us so much and how He takes care of all our needs. We gaze at the cross and we see His love and beauty.

In deeper worship, our grateful and devoted hearts go further. We see more of Him. Like in diving, we see more than when we snorkel. We see the Father’s heart desiring His sons and daughters to dream dreams, see visions. We see the Father’s longing for the church to come alive, to experience His presence, power and glory! And because we see what He yearns for, we too yearn for the same things.

The songs we sing in church play a big part. There are songs about praise, thanksgiving and love. And there are songs expressing deep hunger, yearning and longing. Just like there are two kinds of equipment when you go to the open sea. If you only bring with you a mask and a snorkel, you can only snorkel. But if you bring an aluminium air cylinder, regulator, buoyancy control device, mask, fins, wetsuit and weights, you are ready to dive into deeper waters and explore the beauty of the depths of the ocean!

If we merely sing songs of praise, thanksgiving and love, we will see something beautiful in worship. But if we sing songs of yearning for more of Him, His presence, power and glory, songs that express longing for breakthrough and revival, then we will see what we yearn for!

We must not only sing songs that get us to look back at the cross and the finished work of redemption, we also need to sing songs that get us to look forward to His glorious kingdom of grace, power and glory, songs that remind us the kingdom of heaven is at hand, it is near, it is within reach! And then we will experience moments when heaven and earth truly become one even while we are on this side of eternity. And one day, we will witness the full realisation of His kingdom on earth!


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