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  1. Ng Kok Seong says:

    Dear Pastor Barnabas,

    Normally I would leave CMC once the 8.30 am service was over because my son would be waiting for me to pick him home after his swimming training. But praise God, a voice was directing me to you instead this morning. And I am really so grateful that you shared God’s words with me.

    Now, after watching your video and listening to your personal experience, I am more convinced that God really cares for us. I say this because, like you, my heart stopped too, not once but several times, following a heart attack. It is only by God’s grace that we have this opportunity to share our experiences. This, I shall always treasure and open my eyes to see everything clearer.

    May God always guide us

    Best regards to you, May and your children

    KS Ng

    1. revbarnz says:

      Hi KS, it was my great pleasure meeting you and speaking with you too. Wow, several cardiac arrests? You’re a walking miracle! Yes the Lord does care for us and my prayer for you is that you’ll grow to know Him more each day. See you around 🙂

  2. amarislam says:

    Dear Pastor Barnabas,

    Wow Praise God God has healed you miracleously. Glad that you are back much Stronger and Stronger each dayof your lives



    1. revbarnz says:

      Thanks Amaris

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