Medical Dilemma: My Testimony of God’s Miraculous Healing


2 Replies to “Medical Dilemma: My Testimony of God’s Miraculous Healing”

  1. Dear Pastor Barnabas,

    Normally I would leave CMC once the 8.30 am service was over because my son would be waiting for me to pick him home after his swimming training. But praise God, a voice was directing me to you instead this morning. And I am really so grateful that you shared God’s words with me.

    Now, after watching your video and listening to your personal experience, I am more convinced that God really cares for us. I say this because, like you, my heart stopped too, not once but several times, following a heart attack. It is only by God’s grace that we have this opportunity to share our experiences. This, I shall always treasure and open my eyes to see everything clearer.

    May God always guide us

    Best regards to you, May and your children

    KS Ng

    1. Hi KS, it was my great pleasure meeting you and speaking with you too. Wow, several cardiac arrests? You’re a walking miracle! Yes the Lord does care for us and my prayer for you is that you’ll grow to know Him more each day. See you around 🙂

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