Article: From Rocker To Pastor

(This article was originally published in the 2010 Quarter 3 issue of Tidings – the quarterly magazine of Wesley Methodist Church, Singapore).

YouTube Video: “We Believe”
This was the very first song I wrote shortly after my conversion. The song expresses something about who I was before conversion and what conversion meant to me. In between, there is a 32-bar lead guitar solo originally played by two guitarists in my band Cross Culture (played using a midi keyboard in this 2014 demo). This 32-bar solo was intended to reflect a change of season in my life from something mellow (blues solo) to something vibrant (heavy metal solo). This demo was not done professionally, it was a home-made demo done by me an amateur but I think it does convey the heart of the song. This is Christian Rock and it is meant to be played loud through your headphones or sound system! As someone once wrote, “rock music is to be listened to loud or not at all!” 🙂 Hope you enjoy it.