How Far Has Today’s Church Departed From the Early Church?

The early Christians were detached from the world while many Christians today are very much attached to it. The early Christians were so hungry for the Word they met daily to learn it while many Christians today have to be promised a good time and a great meal before they would attend an evening study of the Word. The early Christians had holy communion daily and corporately to remember our Savior who was wounded for our transgressions while many Christians today have holy communion personally (using a specially purchased personal communion kit) as a magical ritual to claim healing for our own wounds. The early Christians gave money generously for the common good while many of today’s Christians need to be promised manifold material blessings in return for giving. A lot of today’s church services are almost entertaining while the early church meetings were edifying. They fed the sheep while we entertain the goats. The early church sought to make the world more like the church but the church in so many places today has become more like the world. The early Christians proclaimed their faith wherever they went, boldly and courageously, but many of today’s Christians prefer to remain silent. As a result, the early Christians turned the world upside down while many of today’s Christians have been turned upside down by the world! The early church grew and grew in spite of persecution and also because of persecution while so many churches today remain stagnate in times of peace. How far have we departed from the ways of the early church? The only way to realize how far we have departed from the original is to rediscover the original. And the only way to rediscover the original is to go back to the Word – study it, understand it and align the church today with it.

Would You Let Your Child Cross Dress?

An American journalist asked the question, would you let your son/daughter cross dress if that’s what they deeply desired to do? And here’s my reply:

This is what I’d say, I’d tell her “Girl, you were born a female, that’s your NATURAL design intended by Nature/God/Big Guy in the Sky (give it whatever name based on your affiliation and belief). You may certainly play with remote control cars instead of dolls, eat fried chicken instead of candy, carry weights and build muscles instead of putting on make-up, keep your hair short, wear pants instead of skirts and dresses, because you may be naturally made to be a woman who will one day work in an industry which provides services for men, or you could be a great engineer, mathematician, etc. and work in a profession that is traditionally dominated by men (watch the amazing movie, Hidden Figures, if you haven’t) and that’s not a bad thing. There are many women naturally gifted in these areas. But that does not mean you’re a man because Nature/God/etc. has made you female and therefore a woman, so celebrate your womanhood and love the Law of Nature instead of fighting it. And when your life aligns with your design, Girl, you will be the happiest person on planet earth!”

Are You Joining Satanists in Celebrating Halloween?

In case you didn’t know, when you or your children celebrate Halloween, you are basically joining satanists all over the world in their satanic festival. (See extract of an article below.) The Bible says, “Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.” (Ps.68:1) When we honor and celebrate God in our homes, God arises and there is no place for the devil. However, if we honor and celebrate Satan and his chosen festival, the devil arises in your home and it’s anyone’s guess how he would destroy your family and your children. It could be sickness, defiance, impurity, immorality, behavioral change, change in attitude, change in beliefs, etc. Don’t risk it! It’s strange that while parents keep a tight watch over who our kids hang out with, what they do in their free time yet we are completely careless about letting them come into contact with satanic things and rituals. Is it because it appears fun and enjoyable? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, there are many things that are fun and enjoyable, such as, shop-lifting, lying, pranking, bullying, fighting, promiscuous sex, pornography, etc. Would you let your children do these things too? Let’s be wise and let not the pattern of the world enter into our homes. Instead, the pattern of the truly Christian home should influence our friends in the world.

“In The Satanic Bible, Satanist Anton LaVey writes that “after one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween “. Other holidays are the two solstices and the two equinoxes. Five to six weeks after each of the solstices and equinoxes are the “legendary Satanic revels” (a reference to the cross-quarter days). In the First Satanic Church, an “Annual Black X-Mass Show” is also held every December, hosted by LaVey’s daughter, Karla LaVey.” – Source:

Raising My Child As An “It”??

Do you want your grandchildren to be raised as “it” instead of he or she?

In this video, parents and schools can be seen teaching boys to wear girls’ clothes, calling children “it” instead of he or she, and providing four-year-olds with kits to teach that no one is born one gender or the other.” – Source –

There are liberals, extremely democratic and inclusive liberals who are raising their children as “it” so that their children can have the freedom to choose their own gender when they grow up! Perfectly heterosexual couples are doing that in parts of Europe! The repeal of 377A in Singapore is the beginning of the road to gender fluidity and the raising of a generation of confused children.

I certainly do not want my grandchildren and their children and subsequent generations of Singaporeans raising their children as “it”!

Love in My Workplace

by-this-all-men-will-know-that-you-are-my-disciples-if-youWhen people in the same office don’t get along, the company or organization suffers, sometimes without even realizing something has gone terribly wrong. As Selwyn Hughes said, “Ultimate reality is not propositional but relational.” In our pursuit of what is best and what is right, we must not sacrifice people or relationships. Jesus said, “The world WILL KNOW you are My disciples if you love one another the way I have loved you.” And the love we have for one another must stem from our deep understanding and experience of God’s divine love – which is unconditional and sacrificial yet righteous and pure. One of the best images of that kind of love is the scene in which Jesus lovingly accepted and forgave the woman caught in adultery, and after that, He said to her, “Go and sin no more”, because Jesus knew the heart of the Father and He knew that those who are sexually immoral (amongst other defiant ungodly people who deliberately continue in sin) will not inherit the kingdom of Christ and of God. When people in the same office get along and love one another, that company or organization will accomplish significance in the eyes of God because love, authentic love, is able to do just that. (Jn.13:34-35; Jn.8:10-11; Eph.5:3-7; Heb.10:26-27)

It’s Not Just About Going to Church

I am afraid that for many, being a Christian is merely about going to church on Sunday, joining a cell group, serving in a ministry and playing Christian songs in the car or while traveling on public transport. It’s more than that. Being Christian is primarily about repenting from our sins, turn to Jesus, obey His Word, follow Him and live a holy life pleasing to God all the time, 24/7. And this includes all the time between Sunday services, between cell group meetings, and between spending time serving in a ministry. It is about being truly Christian and faithfully obeying the Lord ALL the time. While we can’t be sinless on this side of eternity, we can sin less, helped by the Holy Spirit living in us. It is about knowing His truth and letting His truth set you free from sin, it is about having a God-honoring temperament, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, loving people, being kind, gentle, good, it is about having self-control too. It is about following Him and the leading of the Spirit wherever we go. It is about the relevance of the Christian faith in my workplace, my school, my neighborhood, amongst my colleagues, my friends, my family members. It is about not compartmentalizing my life into faith, work, and family. My whole life is my Christian life and my faith life. It is about not ranking God as #1, family as #2, work as #3 and church as #4, but about making God #1 and the only ONE we give top priority to in relation to family, work and church! It is about thinking about how to glorify God in everything we do. How do I glorify God through my work – whether I am a pastor, doctor, businessman, lawyer, hawker, bus driver, engineer, accountant, clerk, receptionist, singer, actor, songwriter or full-time church worker? Do pastors need to be conscious about glorifying God at work? Most certainly! Do people working in a non-Christian environment need to be conscious about glorifying God at work? Absolutely! What does it mean to be truly Christian? It means less of me, more of Him; His will be done, not mine; His Kingdom come, not mine. It means ALL for Jesus. Sharing here a song that I have missed singing in church amidst the many new songs we have – this is pure worship, unconditional offering and complete surrender! “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Phil.1:21)

Same Sex Attracted

SSA people have real struggles, for them, it is not a lifestyle choice, they feel that it is who they are from the time of birth. Those who love them often feel the same way, though some loved ones are heartbroken and some families go through very difficult times when they come out. The fact remains – it is a real thing to them and they don’t feel like they can just make it go away by waving some magical wand. Amongst them, some truly believe in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. They believe that they are sinners like everyone else, and that they need to repent of their sins and turn to Jesus. For easy reference, let’s refer to this group as SSAJP – which stands for Same Sex Attracted Jesus People. SSAJP believe that they were made with strong feelings (in particular sexually-driven feelings) for those of the same gender as they are, yet they want to be faithful followers of Jesus. Amongst SSAJP is an ordained minister of the church and he said that while he acknowledges that he is same sex attracted, in order to be a faithful follower of Jesus, he has chosen NOT to have sex with another man or any man for that matter. Though he is allowed to marry another man according to the laws of his country, he has chosen not to because he maintains that the Bible explicitly teaches against it. He has also decided that having sex is not the top priority in his life – following Jesus is. He feels that our society has glorified sex and extolled it to the point where people feel something is wrong with them if they don’t have a partner to have sex with. The video attached to this post features him (Sam Allberry) sharing his story. Therefore, as a church we need to know there are SSAJP around us and we need to embrace them, love them and disciple them to be faithful followers of Christ, so that they may truly worship God in every aspect of their lives, live a pure and holy life in the eyes of God, and a life that pleases God, not man and certainly not ourselves. (Additional note: We do this not only for SSAJP but all SSA people including those who have sexual relations with one or more partners – embrace, love and disciple them.)