Obey, Hunger, Ask & Wait


OBEY the Word of God, HUNGER for more of God, ASK to be baptised or filled with the Holy Spirit and WAIT on the Lord until it happens!

That’s what we need and need to do if we want the Lord’s anointing and power in our personal and relational lives, ministry and missional lives! Then, we will not be the same again!

CMC, arise and shine for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!

And we really should do this quickly because Jesus is coming again. The church must always have a sense of urgency in approaching the Lord’s work and the Great Commission. Procrastination and idling are strongly spoken against in the Bible.

Furthermore, today’s D’Well passage Lk.17 reminds us once again of the Second Coming of Jesus – He will come suddenly and those who are “corpses” in the kingdom will be taken by the vultures (Lk.17:37)!

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