An Important Conversation with 5 Senior Pastors on LGBTQ

Video of the conversation:

Thanks pastors and host for this great conversation on how to connect, struggle and journey with members of the LGBTQ community. The way the church had dealt with the matter in the past was indeed not helpful and in fact, damaging as you have expressed.

And we do need to rethink how we approach these friends who have been made in God’s image just like us. All that you have said would certainly help today’s church relate with those who are struggling with these issues.

But what about that quarter of the LGBTQ community that does not struggle with their identity or practice? What about those who do not see their sexual orientation as an inclination but who they really are and who God has made them to be?

The point we seem to be making here is that we ought to be more caring and understanding towards those who are struggling to help them overcome. But what if they are not struggling, what if they are happy and confident this is who they are and they find our desire to help them overcome to be offensive?

What does the Bible say about how we should love and relate with one another – first, with those who are struggling with LGBTQ issues and at the same time want to be faithful followers of Christ; and second, those who are not struggling but are actively practicing and advocating LGBTQ lifestyle and sincerely believe that’s how God made them and thus would endorse their lifestyle?

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