Preach About Hell?

“Jesus spoke more about hell than about heaven”, some have said. Then some checked the facts and found out that Jesus spoke about heaven (nearly 200 times) approximately three times more than hell (60-70 times).

But let’s not forget the fact that Jesus DID speak about hell though He spoke about heaven more. What about preachers today? Do we preach about hell once after we have preached about heaven three times or more? I think not.

What would happen if we do? First, church attendance will likely decline some degree. Second, some will be offended. Third, church leaders might feel they need to have a word with us.

What else could happen? First, the remaining people in church will grow in holiness and be more ready as the pure, unblemished bride of Christ awaiting His return. Second, we will have a greater sense of urgency to fulfill the Great Commission. Third, we may have powerful visitations of the Holy Spirit because God is pleased with us for preaching the whole truth.

What do we want?

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