Back in Church

We all like to be back in church and worship as much as possible like pre-COVID time.

It is indeed a wonderful and sacred experience when God’s people gather in large numbers to worship the Lord and seek Him, to hear His Word preached and humbly obey as we leave the church service.

With the recent relaxation of rules, we are now able to do just that.

But will church just be a weekly gathering in large numbers where conversations between fellow believers, if any, are usually shallow and superficial?

While the pandemic has made a lot of things worse than before, a few good things did come out of it.

First, we were “forced” to only meet in small numbers. It may or may not surprise us, the conversation got deeper, more intimate and more meaningful, in some cases, life-changing too. While we are now able to meet in larger numbers, let’s continue to keep the fellowship small and deep.

Second, we intentionally checked in on each other to see how each one is doing amidst the tough time. As things get better, I hope we will continue to contact one another, care and support one another. Better times do not always mean everyone’s problems simply disappear. As our government had told us many times in the past, “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”!

Third, with a little less administrative and logistical work (in many instances) since church services were suspended, plus time saved on travelling since we often worked from home, pastors, pastoral team members and church leaders were able to spend more time connecting with one another and with church members – deepening friendships, enhancing discipleship and mentoring.

Of course, connecting with church members in smaller groups and even individually can be rather time-consuming and thus I think in many churches, while a good number of people may have enjoyed that kind of deeper and more personal connection, not everyone did. Nevertheless, it is still a good thing that got started.

These are a few good things amidst bad times. And for all of these, we thank the Lord for in Him, there is always a way out, always a better plan and always a stronger ministry.

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