When God Speaks, There Will Be Breakthrough

“When You speak, mountains move, there will be breakthrough!” – from the song Breakthrough by Red Rocks Worship

Indeed when God speaks, mountains will move and there will be BREAKTHROUGH!

Clever human words may inspire, they may entertain and make you feel good but they will not bring about spiritual breakthrough. Spiritual breakthrough happens when God‘s people pray unusually excessively.

Fervent prayer should be our instinct because we are those who call on the Name of the Lord – that’s how God’s people were first described in the Bible (Gen.4:26) – in contrast to those who did not call on the Name of the Lord.

When we call on the Name of the Lord, He replies, He comes and He gives us spiritual breakthrough. Then God’s church will be on fire, full of the Spirit and will make a difference in society. Mountains will move, walls will come down, seas will part and the Spirit of the Lord will do mighty things.

But will God’s people gather to pray and cry out to the Lord? Let me rephrase that. Will a cosy, comfortable and contented people desperately cry out to God?

Is there any reason why we should pray and cry out to the Lord? Well, simply look at the attendance at church prayer meetings, look at how we pray at prayer meetings and we will find enough reason to cry out desperately before God.

Is there fire in our bones or are we lukewarm? Is there urgency in our outreach or are we dragging our feet? Is there deeper relationships amongst us so that quality disciple-making can take place or are we mere superficial hi-bye friends?

We need a breakthrough. Beloved, we need to pray together and cry out to God with regards to the state of the church and the nation and eagerly wait for the Spirit of God to give us a breakthrough!

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