Another Marketplace Devotion

The prevalent thinking about God and His blessings is centred around material blessing.

Whenever believers in the marketplace think or talk about God’s blessings, it usually has to do with salary, bonus, increment, investments, dividends, profit-sharing, stock options, promotions, career prospects and the like. They all have one thing in common – MONEY. I suppose a close second would be power and status which are usually accompanied by more money.

But is that the only kind of blessing God gives to a marketplace professional?

While material blessings can be a reward from the Lord, they can also be a servant of the devil to cause our minds to be distracted and our hearts to grow cold towards God and the things of God. When that happens, money and power are no longer a blessing but a curse.

We need to remember that the Lord can bless us in other ways. Such as connecting us with people whom we can love and care for, support and encourage. Material blessings are temporal, but leading precious souls to God makes a difference for all eternity.

A young adult once shared with his cell group that he had finally decided on which of three job offers to accept. He thanked the group for praying for him during their previous meeting. When asked how he made the decision, he said, “oh it wasn’t difficult, I simply chose the company that offers the best remuneration package.” I was new to that church and did not feel the liberty to correct the young man, so I did not.

But could the Lord not call us to take up the job with the poorest remuneration package? Of course! Could the company that pays the least be the one with the most optimal work environment for the gospel? Absolutely! Why then do people assume God always wants us to do what gives us the greatest profit? Should we not assume that God always wants us to do what gives the gospel of Christ the greatest opportunity instead?

One way to determine if a material blessing is really of the Lord is to see if it draws us closer to God or leads us further away from Him. Another is to consider if the blessing would give us greater opportunity to impact lives for eternity.

Be careful not to be blinded by material gains. Instead, seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. Seek first His will and purposes.

“Seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Mt.6:33)

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