When “How Great Thou Art” becomes “How Precious I Am”!


When we use a large number of worship songs that focus on how much I am loved by God, how precious I am, how far God would go to rescue me even if I am the only human on earth, etc., when the focus is me, me, me, worship turns from a declaration of “how great Thou art” to a declaration of “how precious I am”.

Though these songs are important and necessary, when used excessively, they mislead us. Suddenly, it becomes all about us.

Yes, God does love us – sacrificially and unconditionally. Yes, Jesus did go to the cross, experienced excruciating pain and died on our behalf. Yes, God does see us as the apple of His eye, but worship is about offering our lives, our praise and our hearts to God. It is primarily about how great, how amazing and how worthy He is.

While we can sing and think about how much God loves us and how precious we are in His sight, over-doing it makes worship less about Him, more about us.

Let’s always make worship about Him, not about us. After all, how often do we need to remind ourselves of His love for us? How often do we need to be assured of His love? And how often do we need to be comforted?

When the early church ministered to the Lord and worshipped Him, the Holy Spirit spoke (Ac.13:2). So let’s not be too obsessed with ministering to one another when it’s time to minister to the Lord in corporate worship.

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