Passion & Purity in Worship

We often talk about PASSION in worship – well, it is great to have that, for without passion, our worship would be merely mechanical and utterly cold. I don’t think cold, mechanical worship would please God one bit.

While we note the critical importance of passionate worship, let’s not forget PURITY in worship. The psalmist said in Ps.24 that those with clean hands and pure hearts may stand in God’s holy place. And Jesus said in Mt.5:8, “Blessed are the PURE IN HEART, for they will see God.”

Note that a pure heart in worship is not just one who comes before the Lord with a pure intention to offer worship, it is more than that. It is about purity of life – it is about how we live each day, the pursuit of holiness and keeping God’s commands so that we might not sin against Him. And though we may not find perfection in this life, we should be found to wholeheartedly desire and pursue perfection with God’s help.

Passion without purity is hollow performance, and purity without passion makes worship less meaningful than what it really is. With both passion and purity, our worship is heartfelt, sincere, unpolluted and pleasing to the Lord.

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