Comfortable Christianity

We live in an age of comfortable Christianity. Delirious (Christian band) calls it Kingdom of Comfort and their song of the same title says:

Save me, save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things
I built myself a happy home
In my palace on my own
My castle falling in the sand
Pull me out, grab my hand
I just forgot where I came from

Save me, save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things
I rob myself of innocence
With the poison of indifference
I buy my stuff at any cost
A couple of clicks and I pay the price
Coz what I gain is someone else’s loss

Comfortable Christianity numbs us to the needs of the people and the world around us and we become primarily obsessed with our own needs and desires.

With regards to Christian service and ministry, comfortable Christianity tells us convenience is everything and that we need not go out of our way to get things done for someone else. We give when it is convenient to give. We serve on our own terms, timing and preference – don’t need to be sacrificial.

Most importantly, with regards to obedience to Christ and His commands, errr don’t even use the words “obedience” and command” when you talk to Christians today because these words have negative overtones and people generally don’t respond well to a pastor or church leader who talk like that! You will also get very few likes on social media with posts about obedience, holiness, judgment and accountability!

Well, comfortable Christianity prevents us from fully obeying Christ and His commands. We become selective in our obedience – choosing to obey the easy things, ignoring what is tough.

While some churches have started to open doors for worship services, yet many Christians prefer to stay home to watch the services online since it is more convenient and comfortable – no need to travel, can be late without being noticed, talk during the sermon, etc.

Comfortable Christianity has also unwittingly controlled the pulpit! People don’t respond well to preachers telling them to live a certain way, to be true followers of Christ who are obedient to God’s Word and to participate in the ministry and mission of the church. As a result of their preferences, many preachers have decided to preach softer, smoother, more comforting, more “encouraging” sermons to keep the crowd in.

There are so many other detrimental effects of comfortable Christianity and it is something today’s church has to deal with. There is nothing inherently wrong with possessing material things that give us a more comfortable life, but when these things possess us, it’s quite a different matter – we must be careful not to allow material things to keep us from doing the Lord’s work wholeheartedly and sacrificially. Beware of comfortable Christianity.

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