Worship – Never An End in Itself

Our worship should be followed by ministry and mission.

In 1Chron.16:1-4, we see King David OFFERING burnt offerings and peace offerings to God (v.1) – an act of worship to the Lord. After the worship, David BLESSED God’s people in the name of the Lord (v.2). He then went on to DISTRIBUTE food to everyone (v.3) and finally, APPOINTED ministers to praise and give thanks to the Lord (v.4).

Worship should never be an end in itself, we should never merely enjoy worship. We see here in this passage how King David’s worship led to ministry and mission. He blessed God’s people in the name of the Lord – that means he prayed for them and asked the Lord to bless them. David also supplied food to everyone in Israel so that those who were in need received food and help. After all, ministry is about meeting needs. So often, people don’t just need our words of encouragement, they need real and practical help.

If our worship is simply about personal spirituality, self-delight and private gain, then we have misunderstood worship. Worship is essentially about surrendering every part of our hearts and lives to God including sharing of our faith, spiritual benefits and material blessings to those who are in need.

If you are big on worship, then you’ve got to be big on ministry and mission!

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