Don’t Let Success Get Into Your Head!

Don’t let success get into your head!

That’s what people have often said because it is very easy to gain confidence and courage from our success and subsequently allow confidence to become pride which easily leads us to reckless speech and behaviour that displease and dishonour God. It is a dangerous path to take!

On the other hand, we can let success humble us and recognise that without God we can achieve nothing of real significance. When we recognise that it is God who had enabled, equipped and empowered us, we live in constant gratitude and humility knowing that the Lord who gives favour and success can also take them away swiftly.

Humility does not allow success to puff us up. It does not result in haughty speech or behaviour. There is no room for personal glory except for us to declare and glory in the power, goodness and kindness of God.

Having said that, it is interesting to note how we are actually quite capable of showing off and make it look like we are thankful to God. The deceit of the heart is so real and is also usually detectable by others. At the same time, authentic thanksgiving is also discernible when spoken from a truly humble and humbled heart with no intention to glorify self.

Success is a good thing when it is God’s idea of success because not all success is His idea of success especially when success makes us proud and compromises our devotion to the Lord and our ministry towards those who are in need.

We are to seek God’s idea of success in life – at home, at work and in ministry to those around us (within and beyond the church). Then, the Lord will truly be honoured, glorified and satisfied.

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