Learned But Unwise?

We may be well-versed in the Bible as a result of diligent study but if we do not observe God’s Word in daily living and obey it, we are nothing and the Lord will not bless us.

Three times we are told in Ez.7 that the hand of the Lord was upon Ezra – v.6, 9 & 28 and I believe that is because Ezra not only studied the Word of God diligently but he was conscientious about observing it in daily living.

Wisdom is not the same as knowledge. It is the translation of knowledge into one’s life resulting in goodness and righteousness. A wise person is never just a knowledgeable person, and a knowledgeable person is not necessarily wise.

Have you not met someone who is puffed up with knowledge and who exhibit little godly character? Don’t they make you feel uncomfortable?

As we grow in the Lord, may we grow in godly wisdom and become men and women who are not only well-versed in God’s Word but also men and women who humbly live according to God’s Word.

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