Finding Spiritual Growth Amidst the Pandemic

Are Christians able to find spirituality and grow in the Word, in Spirit, in faithfulness and fruitfulness during a time like this when many churches are still not running church services and for those that do – live worship-leading, congregational singing and fellowship after service are all not allowed?

Truth is, we are not meant to rely on a large scale congregational worship for spiritual growth – if a person is unable to grow as a true believer at the personal level and small group level (for instance, in a group of five – hey, we are allowed to meet in groups of five!), that same person is unlikely to genuinely grow just by attending a big church service.

Since when did Christianity become merely a weekly mass experience by the hundreds and thousands? Discipleship does not take place at a weekly Sunday or Saturday experience, it takes place when two or three (maybe a few more if it’s manageable) are gathered to build up each other, encourage, correct, train and even rebuke one another.

Let’s not lament over the absence of on-site in-person church services, instead let us grow in the faith at the individual and small group level for it could be a long time before we can resume church services the way they were.

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