Heaven and Hell

One of the key problems of the Christian faith today is that we talk alot about heaven and close to nothing about hell. When was the last time you sang a song in church that warns believers about hell?

According to one source, Jesus spoke about heaven 3 times more than hell, which also means He spoke about hell one-third of the number of occasions He spoke about heaven, eternal life or His coming kingdom. Do we talk about hell as much as Jesus did? For every 3 songs about heaven, is there a song about hell? For every 3 sermons on heaven, is there one on hell?

The 3 times ratio is probably not meant for us to follow as a pattern, but the question is do we teach fellow believers about hell and warn them against living a life that leads them there like Peter did in 2Pet.2:4-10? Could the lack of commitment to God and His work in a believer be due to, amongst other things, an imbalanced view of heaven and hell?

A bigger question is, do we teach the whole counsel of God’s Word or just selected parts?

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