The Holiness of God Forgotten?

“We evangelicals love talking about God’s love. Just drop in on one of our church services and listen. You’ll hear worship choruses dripping with lyrics that border on romantic. The sermon will gush with assurances of God’s affection. While such affirmations are good—we need reminders of God’s love—rarely do we speak of God’s majesty, let alone whisper a word about his wrath. Among young Christians, this one-sided view of God is especially striking. Jesus is a homeboy or boyfriend. God is the big guy upstairs. Talk of divine holiness is dismissed as legalistic or judgmental. ……
When I think of services in which I have sensed God’s presence, it wasn’t because the music was particularly good or the sermon especially profound. It was because there was a collective sense of God’s holiness. I recall standing in a room with 300 people singing “How Great Is Our God” and feeling like we were blending into heaven. Only an intense appreciation for God’s holiness produces such moments. Only when we marvel at his majesty will we achieve the deep intimacy that grows out of a true appreciation for who God is.”
– from “How We Forgot the Holiness of God” by Drew Dyck – available from

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