Marketplace Missionary

If a missionary is someone who is on a mission in a given mission field where he or she spends a significant part of his or her life, then we are all missionaries! We all have a “mission field” where we spend a significant part of our day everyday and while we are on the field, God has a mission for us!
If you are working in the marketplace for instance, then you’re a marketplace missionary. Marketplace missionaries see every part of their work as sacred – there is no secular-sacred divide. They see their work as a Kingdom calling to touch lives, not just a job to make money. Kingdom values are to be applied in every situation, not worldly philosophies or clever ideas.
The marketplace missionary is kind and compassionate, loving and caring, strong in faith, uncompromising in integrity and excellent in spirit. The marketplace missionary serves the King of kings, not just the employer. He or she is a God-pleaser, not a man-pleaser or a boot-licker.
The marketplace missionary ushers the Presence of God into the workplace and into every business meeting and where the Presence of the Lord, there is peace. The prayers and the intercession of the marketplace missionary bring spiritual victories in the workplace and God arises amidst his or her worship.
The marketplace missionary is one who brings healing to the wounded, an encouraging word to the brokenhearted, gives generously to those who are in need and values the welfare of people more than performance at work.
The marketplace missionary is a disciple of Christ – one who loves God, loves fellow believers, loves unbelievers and one who pursues holiness and righteousness. Ultimately, the marketplace missionary is a disciple who wins souls for the Kingdom and makes disciples wherever they are placed.

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