How to Keep God’s Love Real in Our Hearts? Part III

A quick recap. In Part I, I highlighted the importance of studying the Bible and letting the Word of God remind us of how much God loves us through a good understanding of His redemption plan. Part II emphasized the importance of knowing and remembering that God is always with us not only to lead, empower and protect us but also to warn and prevent us from entering into ungodly and sinful situations.

Part III. in order to keep God’s love real in our hearts, it is important that we sing songs of adoration, worship and thanksgiving – to do so along with fellow believers and privately, on our own. Singing songs of worship is an important expression of our love and faith in the Lord. When we worship corporately, we express and declare before others and with them, our recognition of the greatness and goodness of God. We also express our deep love and longing for the Lord and we do so passionately, publicly and unabashedly. We do the same in private, where no one else is watching (except Jesus), as a personal commitment to love and adore Him. It is important that we keep reminding ourselves and make sure that we do not go through the “passionate praise-and-worship routine” only when others are watching OR worst still, only to show others how much we love God, but we do so privately too because we REALLY DO love Him, REALLY ARE grateful to Him for all that He is and all that He has done for us all and for each of us personally, and REALLY ARE committed to not only love Him but follow Him faithfully the rest of our lives. When we express our love for God and our faith in Him by singing songs of praise and worship regularly, both corporately and privately, we will find that God’s love will always remain real in our hearts.

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