How to Keep God’s Love Real in Our Hearts? Part I

How to keep God’s love real in our hearts? First, read the Bible and let it tell you how much God loves you over and over again! The Bible is not primarily a book of do’s and dont’s even though it does instruct us on how we ought to live, what we should do more of and what we should not do. The Bible is primarily a book of revelation – it reveals the Person of God to us – for instance, His character, His truths, His plans and most importantly, His heart. I like what Pastor-Author-Theologian Chuck Swindoll said many years ago, “The Bible has two main kinds of texts – prose and poetry. (Prose – texts the are set in the usual format; poetry – texts that are indented and usually in quotes such as the psalms.) When you read the prose in the Bible, God speaks to us from His mind to our minds. When you read the poetry in the Bible, He speaks from His heart to our hearts.” The Bible is not easy reading, it takes hard work. If you tend to doze off when you read the Bible in bed, read it at your study desk instead. My good friend once said, “Why do you read your Bible in bed? Don’t you read at the desk when you were studying something important?” Good point! Also, if you need help understanding a verse or a passage, just Google it. We ask Google everything from “best roast pork near me” to “how do I lose weight without eating less”🙄. So why not ask Google, “did Adam or Eve sin first?”, “was there really a fish big enough to swallow a human being?”, “what did Jesus mean when he said to those who appeared to be Christians who were in active service, ‘depart from Me, I never knew you!’ (Mt.7:21-23)?” If you want to dig deeper, try – I use it frequently. I hope the above is helpful. Enjoy reading the Bible, start now!

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