What Would Happen in Our Society if Christians Were to Obey Everything Jesus Commanded Us?

Are Christians in Singapore willing to obey everything Jesus commanded? (Mt.28:19-20) I wonder what the Singaporean society would look like if every person who calls himself or herself Christian were to OBEY EVERYTHING Jesus commanded or at least do our utmost to do so and remind one another in discipleship settings to do so? In my own imagination, I can see a few things happening. First, the people around us would be very impressed with both Christians and the church. There’ll be a high degree of ethics and integrity at the workplace. When the word “Christian” or “church” is mentioned in any social setting, there will be nods of approval even by those who are outside the Christian community. Second, people will trust Christians and churches without question when it comes to how we do things, especially how we handle money. They won’t laugh at us and tell sorry jokes about our wealth and how we manage it. They will trust that we are people who keep our word and who will give our best in everything we do. Third, people will turn to us in times of need because they know we truly care without condition and will do everything within our ability to help. That’s just a few things I imagine would happen when we all start to obey everything Jesus commanded: love not the world and worldly things (1Jn.2:15-17), live righteously (Col.3:5; Phil.4:8,9), love your enemies (Mt.5:44), show hospitality (1Tim.5:10; Mt.25:42-46; Rom.12:13) – just to name a few.

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