Such Rare Generosity!

Amazing encounter this morning. Went to Yut Kee (KL) to buy breakfast (takeaway), had coffee while waiting. A young Indian gentleman, dressed smart for work, joined me at the table. He didn’t ask, but I guess that’s the culture at Yut Kee because of it’s crazy popularity. We started chatting, he turned out to be super friendly, polite and respectful, well-educated too. He told me a few things about Yut Kee because he’s been patronizing them since he was a kid. Then he asked if I had tried the cakes there (traditional Hainanese cakes) – butter cake and pandan flavored Swiss roll. I said I haven’t. And he said there’s something about it that he really likes. So I said I must get some then. We kept chatting throughout his quick breakfast – it was a very yummy Hainanese chicken chop. When we queued up to pay, he was several customers ahead of me, and when it came to my turn, the shopkeeper said, “the gentleman you sat with bought you a cake”. And it was not a slice, but a whole cake! I asked how much it costs, and the shopkeeper said RM19! I said, “wow I totally didn’t expect that, what a surprise, we just met each other at the table!” Shopkeeper replied, “you just never know who you meet right?” I was and still am totally blown away by the generosity of this amazing young man! Such generosity, even towards total strangers, must be a common sight for him, modeled by his parents. His parents did right and certainly raised him right. He practiced hospitality, we should too. Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Lk.12:48)

* Upon further reflection, why didn’t I think of paying for his meal instead especially since I knew he was in a hurry to get to his office? I even told him to go quickly after his meal. Why did the thought not even cross my mind? That young man taught me something today, I am deeply humbled!

** Thank God for social media, I found him!!

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