The Big Thing in Church Today: Worship!

Worship is not just a big thing in church today, it is a huge commercial industry. Worship events probably attract more people than a Bible teaching conference in most instances today. Well, worship ought to be huge in the Christian faith because worship is about surrendering our lives completely and radically to God for His service and His divine purposes. Worship ministry people are therefore advocates of Christ (not only through songs, but also through role-modeling); we are to advocate the gospel of Christ, cross-cultural mission, salvation, His love, compassion, righteousness, holiness; the faithfulness of God and our faithful following of Him; His first coming as a beautiful baby to save the world and His second coming as the Ultimate Ruler to judge the world; His resurrection from the dead and the eventual resurrection of the saints of God who live for the glory of God. Worship events should never be about entertainment nor the hype, but always about faith, faithfulness and finishing well as a believer. Worship is about life-change. Thus worship ministry people – the singers, the musicians, the worship leaders must not tolerate unholiness or live a double life because we are advocates of surrender, holiness and life-change. My beloved older brother in Christ, Rev Stewart Rae, once taught, “No one can enter into true worship and leave unchanged.” How true. To claim to have worshipped and yet remain unchanged is a contradiction in terms.

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