Are We Even Concerned?

“Indeed, I do not hesitate to go so far as to say that unless we, as individual Christians, are feeling a grave concern about the state of the Church and the world today, then we are very poor Christians indeed. If we are people who come to the Christian Church merely in order to get some personal help, and no more, then we are the veriest babes in Christ.” – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

So true, just about too many amongst us go to church merely for personal help and no more, and we live daily without real concern for the state of the church and the world, the effectiveness of our ministry of soul-winning and the quality of our disciple-making. I think we don’t realise that when we make quality disciples, they in turn will have far less need for personal help! We don’t think about God’s concern for the church and the world as much as our concern about our lives. We only want the grace and the goodness of God without a hint of understanding of and inclination towards God’s heartbeat for the lives of those who are far from Him – which includes many within the four walls of the church! We don’t see why church prayer meetings are important because it’s mostly about prayer for the church and the world and not praying for me – so we don’t attend it because there is no personal benefit. We have become, as DC Talk puts it, “a self-indulgent people”. We really need to grow up.

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