The Blessing of Recognizing Our Spiritual Poverty

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Jesus said in Mt.5:3

He makes it very clear that if we recognize our spiritual poverty and our dire need for God, then we belong in the kingdom of heaven! Christians are to recognize our utter dependence on the Lord in every way. We are to have constant conversations with Him (without looking like we’re insane of course), consulting Him on all the different matters we encounter each day, thanking Him for the good things (and people) and expressing to Him our sadness for things (or people) that have gone wrong. Our spiritual posture should always be directed heavenward, always interpreting earthly matters with a heavenly and biblical perspective. When we humbly recognize that without Him, we really are nothing, when we let go and let God take over the steering wheel of our lives, then He will come and set us free from the entanglements of life and He will lift us up when we are down. Then we will know what true blessing is – the blessing of peace, the blessing of freedom from burdens and sins, and most importantly the freedom to worship Jesus, to live for His glory alone! And all these begins with recognizing that we are spiritually impoverished and in constant need of Him. “I Need Thee Every Hour”!

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