Your Results Do Not Define Who You Are

To all PSLE graduates, we praise the Lord for every one of you regardless of your PSLE scores. Know this, God is your anchor and your foundation, and as you follow Him faithfully just as He is faithful to you, He will lead you into His destiny for your lives. Your PSLE results do not define who you are, the Lord does and He made you amazing! If you are heading into an elite and highly sought-after secondary school – God will bless you as long as you love Him, worship Him and follow Him with full faith. But if you are going to a great school (academically speaking) and yet compromise your love and faith in God, He can’t and won’t bless you and there will only be troubles ahead of you. Likewise, if you are going into a not-so-great school, first remember our government has said that every school in Singapore is a good school, if you choose to love, worship and follow God, He will bless you with great success (success in the eyes of God and not necessarily material in nature)! But if you choose to fall away from the faith, then there is no blessing, only troubles. At the end of the day, it’s not so much which school you go to but which God you follow. You can follow Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life or choose other “gods” like materialism, earthly things, etc. May the Lord grant you heavenly wisdom wherever you go that you may choose Him first in all things and have a meaningful, purposeful life in Him and serving Him.

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