Three Kind of Pastors We Should Never Be

Three kinds of pastors you and I should NEVER be:
1. The overly-esteemed pastor who is so honoured, famous and revered like some mega star such that church members dare not approach him or her to talk about anything.
2. The super-busy pastor who is always moving quickly from one thing or person to another – he or she looks so busy you dare not or do not wish to say hello because you don’t want to interrupt his or her work which must be so very important that keeps them looking so busy.
3. The completely-unfriendly pastor who does not smile nor give you a warm welcome or handshake. This pastor is so intimidating church members would just avoid contact with him or her if they, for whatever reason, is still attending this church.

Mmm…. maybe there aren’t pastors who are like that? 🤔

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