Set A Fire, I Want More of You God!

I was listening to my worship playlist on Spotify in the car this morning and was rather inspired by the song, Set A Fire (Bethel Worship). The song echoes repeatedly “I want more of You God” expressing a strong hunger for more of God. But what does that really mean? The song is inspiring, but what do we mean when we say, “I want more of You God”? More of Him in what way? More of Him for a better emotional worship experience? You have to be kidding. More of His blessings? I hope it’s not just that. More of His love and grace? That could be part of it. Just more of Him in me for no apparent reason? Mmm. As for me, I want more of Him so that I become more like Him. That means I become more holy, righteous, loving, kind and fervent to fulfill His purposes, to be like Jesus and do what Jesus did – going everywhere preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting out demons, caring for the poor and marginalised, showing compassion and making disciples who go on to make disciples. “I want more of You Lord, so the world may see more of You through me.”


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