Old Is Not Always Better, But Sometimes It Is

I was listening to live worship songs led by Kent Henry earlier today and I was led right back to times of worship in the past where there was so much hunger for God, such great desire to be pure and holy, and determination to be like Jesus. Something else also became very obvious to me – the fact that musical accompaniment was simple and was mainly in the background which naturally allowed the words to be in the foreground. What we say to God in worship was certainly far more important than what we play. There was so much more meaning to worship. The musical arrangement may not sound so cool by today’s standard, but it was hot – full of holy fire! It led me to ponder, what do worship teams focus on today? What are our priorities? Sometimes it just seems like we prefer hype to holy, and that’s just terrible.

Check out this Kent Henry album:

The Dark Side of Church Leadership?

It is very easy for pastors and church leaders to unknowingly let our passion for God and love for God’s church turn us into manipulators, dictators and politicians. When that happens, the church becomes our personal kingdom where we rule as kings and queens. (Additional note: What happened to praying and waiting on God and letting Him make the moves in His perfect time instead of us actively engineering things?)