The Miracle – A Baby!


On the subject of healing at TRAC Healing Service, allow me to share a testimony. At the March 2018 TRAC Healing Service held at Christ Methodist Church, our guest speaker was Pastor Jeff Yuen. He preached an anointed message and the ministry that night was fantastic. During prayer time, the whole TRAC Healing Ministry team of pastors and prayer ministers was mobilised to pray with many people coming forward for prayer. Near the end, Della a two month old Christian brought her friend Joannah, a non-believer at that time, forward for prayer. (Both Della and Joannah were there to support their other good friend Sandra – also a two-month old believer who had cancer and was there for prayer ministry. She’s been very well since. That’s another healing testimony!) Della said Joannah had been trying to have a baby for a couple of years and was unsuccessful despite 3 IVFs, 3 IUIs and TCM treatments. She was even told that she will probably never conceive. I started to pray for Joannah. After I finished my initial prayer, I paused for a moment and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge, and I said to Joannah, “I believe the Lord had just told me that you’ll have a child by April next year (2019)”. We prayed again and this time thanking the Lord for His word and receiving it. A couple of weeks after that, Joannah received Christ as her Lord and Savior. In May 2018, her gynaecologist confirmed that she was pregnant, and the baby will be due in Dec! On 8 Dec 2018, Harrison George Hitch was born! God can do amazing things when we come humbly before Him to seek Him and His involvement in our lives!

(Further note: Karen heard Joannah’s testimony when I shared it at BRMC in Sep last year. She had 4 unsuccessful IVFs and was going for her 5th attempt in Oct. Marcel and Karen came up for prayer at the end of the service. It was confirmed the following month in Nov she was going to have a baby girl in Jun 2019, and she did!! Karissa was gladly welcome into the family! There is another couple I had the opportunity to pray for in Feb this year and we are still waiting on the Lord for a miracle – do pray for Kevin and Katy.)

If you’re reading this and faith is rising within you, and if you’ve been praying to be pregnant, don’t give up praying and seeking the Lord for a child – keep pressing in and may the Lord grant you the desires of your heart!

Next TRAC Healing Service is on Wed 3 July, 8pm at Pentecost Methodist Church.

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