Our Primary Focus in Corporate Worship

When we gather to worship the Lord, our primary focus is to offer ourselves to the Lord in worship in view of His offering of Himself to us first. Thus, we sing songs about surrendering ourselves and our hearts to God as living sacrifices. When we listen to His Word preached, we respond with a desire and determination to live according to His Word – that too is worship. What the devil has successfully done in some instances is turning worship into a feel good, self-comforting thing with too many songs focused on how much the Lord loves me, gave Himself for me because I am so precious, so special, so loved, and really, I am just so amazing!! It becomes all about ME and that’s not worship. And in some churches, the Word preached is also mostly about how much God wants to bless me because I am so special and so loved, favored and blessed. While it is true that God loves us and we are the apple of His eye, the worship service has to be mostly about Him, what He had done for us and what we would offer Him and do for Him as an expression of our worship and gratitude. There must be a sense of both wonder of God’s love and renewed surrender of ourselves to God in daily living. I had such a moment today in church when we sang, “if You’re calling me, I will answer, If You’re bidding me to come, I will come…. Jesus I come, I surrender, all for Your glory I give my life”. Thank you Awaken Generation for this anointed song of selfless worship.

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