Why Do Worship Teams Like to End Their Set Loud?


Why do worship teams always end their set loud?? My guess is that they want an inspired and maybe perspired end. That’s good sometimes – ending on a high and passionately loud note plus applause. But are there not other ways to end our worship set especially if we often say worship is about encountering God? Why not go from slow-and-soft to deep-and-quiet instead of going from slow-and-soft to high-and-loud? Let me be clearer – instead of starting the set loud and fast, go slow and softer, then end loud (like a U-shape curve), why not start loud and fast, go slow and softer, then go slower and even softer (reducing the number of instruments used) and end off totally quiet (like a reverse S-curve)? Did the Lord not say “be still and know that I am God”? Did Elijah not hear God in a still small voice? Was the burning bush experience not a holy and quiet one for Moses? What about Isaiah’s “woe is me for I’m a man of unclean lips” experience? Even in the natural, don’t we hear better and hear more when we get quiet? I believe most people encounter and hear God best in the quiet moments most of the time. Maybe that’s also the reason why we refer to our personal devotional time with God as….. you guessed it, quiet time and not loud time!

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