What Is Love?

What is love? Love can be felt and it generates emotions but it is not merely a feeling or an emotion. Love is a verb, an action verb. That means love is something demonstrated. We don’t just SAY we love, we SHOW our love. (Do note that I said “show” not “show-off”.) “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” – John‬ ‭15:13‬. Jesus demonstrated His love for us through death on the cross. So as we give thanks to God on this Good Friday for demonstrating His love for us by sending Jesus to die on the cross on our behalf to pay the penalty for our sins, let us also love one another sacrificially and unconditionally. That would mean be kind to one another, speak with love and respect even to those we are familiar with such as our family members. For the Christian household, familiarity should not breed contempt. Honesty and openness are needed but they should not be an excuse for unkind words. As they say, good conduct begins at home, then we will be able to love others. Have a blessed Easter!

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