God Is Powerful!

God has the power to deliver us from hurt and pain. He has the power to heal our sicknesses. He has the wisdom to counsel us and He has the patience to remain faithful even when we are faithless. He alone is God and no weapon formed against us will prosper because the Lord will fight for us, we only need to be still and know that He alone is God! (Lk.4:18-19; Exo.15:26; 1Cor.1:25; Isa.9:6; Exo.34:6; Deut.7:9; 2Ki.19:15; Isa.54:17; Exo.14:14; Ps.46:10) And by the grace of God, I have experienced all of these attributes of God when I was betrayed and rejected, when I nearly died from multiple medical conditions, when I was at a loss and needed wisdom, when I was without faith, when I could fight no more and when I was hard pressed from every side. The Lord is God and there is no other, none compares with Him!

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