Is He Really FIRST?

Possibly one of the biggest problems amongst Christians today is that God is not really FIRST in our lives. He is not our priority EVERY TIME and He is not our CONSTANT pursuit. His will is not our PRIMARY concern and His passion for the lost is not our CONSUMING passion. In short, many of us find it too hard to love the Lord our God with ALL our heart, and ALL our soul, and ALL our mind and ALL our strength. Is it any wonder then that instead of pursuing God deeper and surrendering ourselves more completely to Him, we settle for less and mistake strong emotions for presence and anointing (though presence and anointing are often accompanied by strong emotions), bible knowledge for biblical wisdom (though bible knowledge is the foundation for biblical wisdom), intellect for spirituality (though spirituality and human intellect are intricately intertwined), random chitchat for Christian fellowship (though Christian fellowship often includes some random chitchat) and event-based outreach for true Christian witness (though Christian witness can be achieved through events). While contentment is a good thing, it must not prevent us from going further and deeper with God, and going wider in our ministry and witness. God is constantly doing a new thing, are we keeping in step with His Spirit or simply hanging on to the old because it is easier, more convenient and gives us a sense of security?