How Far Has Today’s Church Departed From the Early Church?

The early Christians were detached from the world while many Christians today are very much attached to it. The early Christians were so hungry for the Word they met daily to learn it while many Christians today have to be promised a good time and a great meal before they would attend an evening study of the Word. The early Christians had holy communion daily and corporately to remember our Savior who was wounded for our transgressions while many Christians today have holy communion personally (using a specially purchased personal communion kit) as a magical ritual to claim healing for our own wounds. The early Christians gave money generously for the common good while many of today’s Christians need to be promised manifold material blessings in return for giving. A lot of today’s church services are almost entertaining while the early church meetings were edifying. They fed the sheep while we entertain the goats. The early church sought to make the world more like the church but the church in so many places today has become more like the world. The early Christians proclaimed their faith wherever they went, boldly and courageously, but many of today’s Christians prefer to remain silent. As a result, the early Christians turned the world upside down while many of today’s Christians have been turned upside down by the world! The early church grew and grew in spite of persecution and also because of persecution while so many churches today remain stagnate in times of peace. How far have we departed from the ways of the early church? The only way to realize how far we have departed from the original is to rediscover the original. And the only way to rediscover the original is to go back to the Word – study it, understand it and align the church today with it.


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