Would You Let Your Child Cross Dress?

An American journalist asked the question, would you let your son/daughter cross dress if that’s what they deeply desired to do? And here’s my reply:

This is what I’d say, I’d tell her “Girl, you were born a female, that’s your NATURAL design intended by Nature/God/Big Guy in the Sky (give it whatever name based on your affiliation and belief). You may certainly play with remote control cars instead of dolls, eat fried chicken instead of candy, carry weights and build muscles instead of putting on make-up, keep your hair short, wear pants instead of skirts and dresses, because you may be naturally made to be a woman who will one day work in an industry which provides services for men, or you could be a great engineer, mathematician, etc. and work in a profession that is traditionally dominated by men (watch the amazing movie, Hidden Figures, if you haven’t) and that’s not a bad thing. There are many women naturally gifted in these areas. But that does not mean you’re a man because Nature/God/etc. has made you female and therefore a woman, so celebrate your womanhood and love the Law of Nature instead of fighting it. And when your life aligns with your design, Girl, you will be the happiest person on planet earth!”


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