Raising My Child As An “It”??

Do you want your grandchildren to be raised as “it” instead of he or she?

In this video, parents and schools can be seen teaching boys to wear girls’ clothes, calling children “it” instead of he or she, and providing four-year-olds with kits to teach that no one is born one gender or the other.” – Source – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News

There are liberals, extremely democratic and inclusive liberals who are raising their children as “it” so that their children can have the freedom to choose their own gender when they grow up! Perfectly heterosexual couples are doing that in parts of Europe! The repeal of 377A in Singapore is the beginning of the road to gender fluidity and the raising of a generation of confused children.

I certainly do not want my grandchildren and their children and subsequent generations of Singaporeans raising their children as “it”!


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