Same Sex Attracted

SSA people have real struggles, for them, it is not a lifestyle choice, they feel that it is who they are from the time of birth. Those who love them often feel the same way, though some loved ones are heartbroken and some families go through very difficult times when they come out. The fact remains – it is a real thing to them and they don’t feel like they can just make it go away by waving some magical wand. Amongst them, some truly believe in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. They believe that they are sinners like everyone else, and that they need to repent of their sins and turn to Jesus. For easy reference, let’s refer to this group as SSAJP – which stands for Same Sex Attracted Jesus People. SSAJP believe that they were made with strong feelings (in particular sexually-driven feelings) for those of the same gender as they are, yet they want to be faithful followers of Jesus. Amongst SSAJP is an ordained minister of the church and he said that while he acknowledges that he is same sex attracted, in order to be a faithful follower of Jesus, he has chosen NOT to have sex with another man or any man for that matter. Though he is allowed to marry another man according to the laws of his country, he has chosen not to because he maintains that the Bible explicitly teaches against it. He has also decided that having sex is not the top priority in his life – following Jesus is. He feels that our society has glorified sex and extolled it to the point where people feel something is wrong with them if they don’t have a partner to have sex with. The video attached to this post features him (Sam Allberry) sharing his story. Therefore, as a church we need to know there are SSAJP around us and we need to embrace them, love them and disciple them to be faithful followers of Christ, so that they may truly worship God in every aspect of their lives, live a pure and holy life in the eyes of God, and a life that pleases God, not man and certainly not ourselves. (Additional note: We do this not only for SSAJP but all SSA people including those who have sexual relations with one or more partners – embrace, love and disciple them.)


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