If Jesus Were To Plant a Church Today…..

If Jesus were to plant a church today, I wonder what His priorities would be? Would worship – whether traditional, contemporary or Charismatic be His priority? Would He want the Sunday service to be the highlight of the week which seems to be the case for so many? In fact, while many sees the Sunday service as the highlight of the week, many others treat it not as the highlight of the week but as the only “light” – the only thing they do that has any Christian semblance during the week! Or would the community of believers gathered together for mutual care, support, encouragement, exhortation and even correction be Jesus’s priority? Would in-depth, seminary-styled Bible study classes be an important thing or Bible study that leads to obedience and lifechange be the priority? In fact, is Bible study that DOES NOT lead to and does not have a way to ensure obedience and lifechange be of any value at all? Jesus did say in Mt.28:20, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you “. The list goes on. At the end of it all, I have a strange feeling that if Jesus were to plant a church today, it would look very different from what we have become familiar with, what we call church. Grant us wisdom O Lord!