True Gratitude

One can actually be thankful for a gift without seeking to serve and please the Giver. True gratitude leads to passionate service.

What Does It Take?

What does it take to be a good sportsman? Focus, excellence, discipline, determination & ambition. What does it take to be a good Christian? SAME! (Col.3:17)

Strawberry Christians?

We need to be careful of becoming a generation of strawberry Christians who are easily bruised, hyper sensitive to negative feedback and needing assurance of God’s love in every sermon we hear and every worship song we sing!

Nothing But The Best

Jn.2:10 wasn’t a case when Jesus planned to only bring out the best in the end. While we can say that Jesus had foreknowledge of it, but from the context of the passage, the miracle was meant to be understood as something not pre-determined. It was more about how letting Jesus into a tough situation…